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Ode to May 2018 – Client Affirmations

May was a big month for me as a photographer. I had a total of 16 shoots, and I absolutely loved each and every client that I worked with. It's really important to me to always let others know how much I appreciate them and how grateful I am to have worked with them. You have a lot of great choices when choosing a photographer, and I absolutely don't take for granted that someone has chosen and trusted me to capture their precious moments. I am so grateful for every client whose path I cross, and I therefore wanted to take a moment to shout out all of the amazing people that I was honored enough to work with this month. Here's a little tidbit I loved about each and every session. Will you be on my list next time?  

Kelly + Michael: Kelly, the love you have for your son is so apparent and so palpable. I can see how proud you are that he is ready to take this next step and embark on his college journey. It is very clear that you two have an incredible relationship. Michael, you are such an intelligent and polite young man. It was great to work with you, and I am positive that you are going to do AMAZING things!

Amanda + Family: You have given me an adorable peek into life with two boys, a few years down the road from where I stand. Your boys are just so much fun, full of zest, and so very handsome. I really loved how after working with you, I got a sense for the love you have for your family – and it is unequivocally reciprocated. 

Sarah + Emily: When we met, I felt instantly at ease. You know how some clients are just fun to hang with? You were both exactly that. The strength of your friendship is so apparent, and you are both such beautiful people inside and out. 

Devin + Caleb: SWOON. You are one of the most adorable duos that I have ever encountered. The mom/son bond is just so strong and beautiful between the two of you, and it was an honor to be able to capture it.

Arden: To say you are an amazing person is an understatement. I truly think the world of you in more ways than one, and this little window of time I got to spend with you and your family was pretty incredible. 

Blakely + Mike: The two of you are just so beautiful in more ways than one. The love you have for each other and your gorgeous children is palpable, and your energy is electric. Frollicking around South Congress with you both was a true pleasure. I love the images we captured.

Jessie + Olivia: Are you sure we haven't been friends for years? You two are some of my favorite people already, and we've only met in person once. Gorgeous both inside and out, and I am certain that Olivia is going to rule the world one day. I am pretty obsessed with her!

Kylie: Our session was super mini, but you are one of my absolute favorite people. You are such a delightful, intelligent, fun, and STUNNING person and friend. Thanks for letting me snap some for you. 

Mikela + Family: Your amazing little boy's first birthday was one of my favorite shoots to date. You, my friend, are incredibly beautiful and amazing. #MomGoals all around, Levi is an incredibly lucky little boy! 

Masarra: Oh my goodness, I just had an absolute blast with you and your gorgeous family. You, Ben, and Amalie are just a dream to work with and just fantastic people. This baby boy of yours is so lucky to be joining your amazing crew, and I can't wait until the next time we get to hang! 

Victoria: First, your backyard is pure magic. Spending time with you and your beautiful girls was so much fun that I forgot for a moment that I was there to photograph y'all instead of join in! I absolutely love the fierce love you have for your girls and how you encourage them to be utterly themselves. I think we captured their adorable personalities and the beautiful mother/daughter dynamic that the three of you share.

Taylor: I feel like you and I clicked almost instantly, and our shoot felt more like hanging out with a good friend. You are incredibly beautiful, smart, kind, and oh-so-talented. I have no doubts that you are going to do amazing things. 

Jessie + Family: Our session was one that I will absolutely treasure. I feel like we clicked so well right off the bat, and I am just in love with your gorgeous family and the very apparent love that the three of you have for each other. Amelia is such an incredible little girl, and I can't stop swooning over her smile. 

Amber + Family: Elijah had my heart from the moment he stepped in front of my lens. The beauty of your family takes my breath away. The three of you are incredible people, and so much fun to hang out with. I wish you all the best of luck on your move to Georgia, and I am so thrilled that I was able to capture some images with an Austin vibe for you before you left! 

Bailey + Family: We've chatted for a little while now, and I have admired you throughout. The strength you have for yourself and your GORGEOUS babies is nothing short of incredible. The three of you are more stunning than I can even convey. It was a true joy to hang with you and snap some moments that capture your amazing dynamic. 

Meghan + Family: What an honor to be able to snap your first official family photos with your new addition. Your kids are swoon worthy, you and your husband are incredible human beings, and I had such a great time capturing your new dynamic. 

Cheers to May, and onward to June! If you are looking for a session, be sure to reach out. I'd be truly honored to have you on my schedule!