Mom in a blue dress snuggling her toddler daughter in the sunset.


How To Get Started as A New Photographer

Congratulations on beginning your photography journey! It is an incredible adventure that you absolutely won’t forget, whether you want to take photos of your family or start a professional business. Now that my business is officially 5 years old and I have had what I feel is a great amount of success, I want to give you my favorite tips for how to get started as a new photographer.

Mom holding toddler daughter.

Step 1: Invest in Great Gear.

It is essential to purchase an amazing camera in order to capture high quality images. You will want to purchase the best camera that your budget allows, and if we are being completely transparent, I recommend going with a mirrorless camera. They are by far superior technology wise to the older DSLRs, and you will be happy you made the jump.

Step 2: Learn Manual Mode!

If you’re in the Austin Texas area, this is where my Zero to Manual course comes in. I teach photography to those who are looking to learn, and it is such a fun experience. There are a ton of other great ways to learn manual mode! You can take courses online through affordable platforms like Creative Live or Clickin Moms, or you can reach out to a photographer you love to see if they offer mentorships. Some people even just google courses online!

Collage of a family of six in Austin, Texas at Golden Hour.

Step 3: Learn Light.

This is just as important, if not more so, than learning manual mode and how to work your camera. The way you use light has the ability to make or break you as a photographer. Many famous photographers are known for the creative way they use light, so make sure that you see what kinds of images you are drawn to and study how that photographer utilized light to make such a dynamic image.


You must practice, practice, and then practice some more. Take your camera everywhere you go and get familiar in all different settings and light. See what works and what doesn’t, and learn from your mistakes.

Family of six dressed in trendy, boho clothing at McKinney Falls.

Step 5: Share Your Work!

As you’re practicing and growing, make sure you have a place to display your work. The most common would be a social media page like Instagram or Facebook. This way you can begin building an audience and get them to engage with your work!

Step 6: Start Charging.

If you’re wanting to build a business, once you feel pretty comfortable with your gear and lighting, it is officially time to charge. I started off at $75 a session, but my advice to you is to make sure that you are respecting your time and running a profitable and legal business.

Mom loving on her kids in beautiful golden sunset light.

Step 7: Keep Learning!

The beautiful thing about photography is that there is ALWAYS so much to learn. It is lifelong! Always make sure you leave room in your budget for workshops, mentorships, and new gear to continue to level up your business.

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