Why I Use FloDesk For My Email List

Businesses of all sizes have many options these days for digital marketing service providers, especially those that design and send on-brand marketing emails. As a multi six figure photographer, I choose FloDesk for my email needs. Here are some of my favorite reasons for why I use FloDesk for my email list, and why I think you should too.

It’s Pretty.

Listen, I know aesthetics aren’t everything, but they sure count for something in this day and age. We are constantly bombarded at all angles with marketing emails; I get over 50 a day from companies. The game then becomes, how do you make yours stand out? FloDesk makes this process seamless because let’s face it – their templates are gorgeous. Not only do they have a plethora of typefaces (aka fonts) and image/text layouts to choose from, but their entire branding options are just so cohesive and beautiful. They make it so easy to stick to your branding aesthetic and create beautiful emails, sales pages, and more that actually convert to sales.

Email screenshot from Jessica Rockowitz Photography.

It’s User Friendly.

I know, I know. Being cute is cool and all, but it means nothing without optimal functionality. Luckily for all of us, FloDesk is as user friendly as they are aesthetically pleasing. I’ve used other providers before, and though I don’t want to name any names, they were a lot more difficult for me to figure out – and I consider myself to be fairly tech savvy! FloDesk has a ton of amazing tutorials to help newbies, but I honestly didn’t really need them. After playing around with it for just a short period of time, I quickly figured out how to navigate the system. When I had a question about how to create a pop-up opt in form on my website, a quick search in their Help section led me to a very easy step-by-step guide. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

You Can Use GIFs.

CAN YOU EVEN?! Listen, I don’t know about you, but my text messages just aren’t complete without a good GIF moment here and there. I feel the same about my emails! I love connecting with my audience through a fun GIF to make them smile, and extra points if it references The Office. FloDesk has made my heart sing by syncing to Giphy and allowing to you use a plethora of humorous, beautiful, or just plain fun GIFs to give your emails some *spice.* This alone is worth the price.

GIF of a man in a pink shirt

You Can Also Seamlessly Use Unsplash.

For us photographers, using Unsplash is great for background images for emails; for other small businesses, think of the possibilities of having incredible digital stock images at your fingertips. It makes it that much easier for you to create beautiful, on brand emails without having to go through the extra work of hunting for images. This is a huge perk even to me as someone who owns the rights to thousands upon thousands of photos. Sometimes I just need a good cactus photo to get my message across, you know what I mean? Insert, Unsplash.

Unlimited Emails for A Monthly Fee.

The #1 tip I can give to you as a small business owner is to GROW that email list. Quality over quantity matters, but it’s also a numbers game at the end of the day. I could go on forever about the best practices for list building, but at the end of the day, just know that it’s very important. A lot of email services will charge you a fee based on the number of subscribers you have, and if you’re a larger business with thousands upon thousands of emails, this can be extremely expensive. Since your goal is to grow your list big, FloDesk has opted for a flat monthly fee ranging from $35-59 (billed annually, as of February 2023) based on your business needs. How cool is that?! That means whether you have 5,000 or 105,000 subscribers, your fee remains the same.

Curious about FloDesk? I’m so confident about why I use FloDesk for my email list needs, that I want to gift you 50% off for a full year! This deal is seriously great! Take advantage, people!!!

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What do you think about FloDesk? Will you give it a shot?

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