A brother and sister playing in a field of bluebonnet flowers in March.


Bluebonnet Fields in Austin | Austin Family Photographer

Bluebonnet season is admittedly a Texan’s favorite time of year. Even though our winters are mostly mild, families look forward to this coveted first sign of spring. The best part about bluebonnets in Austin? Taking photos in them! While many wildflowers are scratchy and itchy, bluebonnets are soft and fluffy – especially in the best patches. Here are a few of my favorite bluebonnet fields in Austin, from an Austin family photographer!

A collage of a family in bluebonnets at sunset.

Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area

This is my absolute favorite place to take bluebonnet photos. Though they tend to pop up later here than in other spots, with the water views and amazing fields, they are absolutely worth the wait. Things to know about this spot:

*It is deep in Spicewood, almost to Marble Falls

*It is $5 per adult to enter

*It gets crowded, so if you’re taking photos, be flexible on your spot or don’t mind editing out others

Family of four at Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area.

Brushy Creek Lake Park

The bluebonnets here can be extremely lush, and the park itself is also right on the water! Things to know about this spot:

*It is located in Cedar Park

*It can get very crowded in peak bluebonnet season, so plan accordingly

*There are a lot of park goers and bikers around the trails, so be cognizant of them

*It is free to enter and has a cute playground on the other side of the flowers!

A mom, dad, and two kids dressed up and taking photos in the bluebonnets.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

This is an incredible spot to visit with friends and family, but it is not the best place for photos because of the cost. One of the coolest parts about it is just the variety of wildflowers. It is located in South Austin, and wildflower season can get pretty slammed! One thing to know, though, is that if you’re a photographer, it can cost quite a bit to shoot here. In fact, I was once quoted $250 to shoot for an hour before sunset.

A little girl in a cream dress posing in the bluebonnets.

Circle C Ranch Park

Another South Austin gem, this park is often swarmed with bluebonnets in peak season. Just like Brushy Creek Lake Park, it is free to enter and also has playgrounds on part of the property. Just like others, it can get crowded during peak season!

A brother and sister sitting and playing in bluebonnets.
Mom, Dad, a boy toddler and a girl toddler taking photos with Jessica Rockowitz Photography at sunset.

McKinney Falls State Park

This gorgeous state park is located close to the Austin Airport and is an absolute dream to visit. With water, creeks, beautiful rocks, and a bluebonnet/wildflower field in the back of the park, this is a spot that should be on your radar. Things to know:

McKinney Falls fills up fast, so snag a reservation in advance!

The wildflower spots back to a parking lot, so make sure you’re good with angles or don’t mind photoshopping cars.

Mom, Dad, and two boys snuggling together in the sunset.
A family of four at a park in Lakeway Texas an hour before sunset.

These are just some of my favorite bluebonnet fields in Austin! The tricky thing about wildflowers is that they’re different every year, so make sure you get outside and try to find your own beautiful locations!

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