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What is a Client Closet? | Austin Family Photographer

As photographers, we all have what I like to refer to as “inspiration triggers.” These are specific things about photography that inspire us and spark our passion. Examples are things like love, connection, landscape, clothing, and so much more. For me personally, styling and clothing has always been a huge inspiration trigger for me. Because of this, I have curated a client closet. What is a client closet? Is it available to you during your session? Here is the low down.

Mom and Dad at a park with their baby.

What is a Client Closet?

A client closet is simply a client wardrobe that a photographer has curated, comprised of all different types of pieces that suit the photographer’s style. These pieces are available to clients to utilize for their sessions, either included in their package or with an additional fee. A client closet can be anything from clothing (men’s, women’s, children) to shoes and accessories.

Mom and Dad playing with their baby at a park.

Why Offer a Client Closet?

One of the biggest stressors for a session is figuring out what the heck to wear! Though there are some universal recommendations for clothing, each photographer is going to have specific advice based on what they enjoy shooting and what works with their editing style. For example, I edit pretty boldly and with deeper blacks and shadows, so I advise my clients not to wear black outdoors.

Offering a client closet allows your clients to seamlessly choose their outfits and not have to worry about hunting around for specific pieces. Many people also don’t have an eye for what correlates together or what goes together on camera. As I always say, just because something is pleasing to the eye in person doesn’t mean that it is going to photograph well.

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What is in a Client Closet?

This is going to vary by photographer. Here is what I include:

Women’s maxi dresses – size XS to 3X

Women’s jackets and cardigans

Women’s hats

Women’s jewelry

Children’s clothing

Children’s bows

Children’s hats

Children’s shoes

Newborn sleeper gowns

Newborn swaddles

Newborn bows

New in 2023 – I will be offering men’s shirts and jackets

I strive to have a very well rounded closet that caters to my style as a photographer but also allows for realistic variations in style amongst my client. For example, not every client is going to feel comfortable in an extra long, boho dress.

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How Does Styling Work?

It is going to vary by photographer just like the contents of a client closet, but here is how my process works! In a one mom family, I invite mom over solo (partners and kids at home) to browse my closet and try on dresses. Once mom chooses her outfit, we then look at kids’ clothing in the sizes of her children to find corresponding pieces. We then choose dad’s outfit together based on his style and colors that will work for mom and kids.

In a two mom household, both moms are invited to come browse my client closet together. I typically ask if one mom has a stronger style preference over another. We then browse kids clothes and choose corresponding pieces.

In a two dad household, I help with mood boards and links to choose pieces that fit the style of both dads. I then have them pop over or FaceTime for some corresponding kids pieces.

Mom and Dad snuggling with their baby.

Any questions about my client closet or styling process? Check out my brand video here to learn more.

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