Family of four holding hands and walking.


Family Photos Are Worth the Investment, Even In A Recession

Family of four holding hands and walking.

Millennials are constantly getting the shaft; we can admit it. We have lived through way too many historical events, and our second recession is fiercely among us. Inflation is at an all time high, which means our incomes don’t stretch nearly as far as they used to. Many people are cutting corners and having to sacrifice small luxuries they once enjoyed. Though I might be biased as a photographer, I do firmly believe that family photos are worth the investment, even in a recession. Even as a luxury service, they are priceless heirlooms worth investing in. Here’s why.

They are a part of your family’s history and legacy.

Collage of mom, dad, and two daughters.
Two pictures of Dad and Mom with each daughter.

Take your family out of the equation and think about the most meaningful parts of learning history when you were growing up. They were people’s stories – especially when accompanied with photos. I have vivid images of children from the Great Depression wearing feed sacks burned into my brain from high school history. Photos are incredibly powerful, and they allow you to time travel to that moment and see it just as it was. Family photos are your version of history. Your toddler’s dimpled hands and rolly thighs are going to transform before your very eyes, without you even realizing. Someday all you’ll have to look back on are the pictures. Someday all your children will have to look back on of you are the pictures. It’s important to prioritize them – your family is worth it.

The quality of professional photos is priceless.

Infant girl and toddler girl sisters at the park.

It’s true that the iPhone has come a long way, and it’s also true that you can print some images from the iPhone much larger than in the past. When it comes down to it, though, the iPhone doesn’t compare to the capability of a professional, quality image. As someone who loves my iPhone, I can tell you that when I capture images, even in natural light, the color is very off from what I can see with my eyes. They also don’t allow you to control all the settings to ensure that the exposure is just how you want, nor is the iPhone capable of capturing light the same way as a professional camera. Again, your family is worth leaving a true legacy for.

Family photos strengthen your family’s connection and your children’s self esteem.

Dad holding little girl's hand as she slides down a slide.

Did you know that children are more likely to have higher self esteem when they see pictures of themselves displayed in their home? Especially when it is during a special time, like a family photoshoot, where they remember dressing up, playing together, and then going out for ice cream afterwards. Science also shows that looking at family photos can boost your mental health! The act of preparing for family photos can no doubt be stressful, but the actual event can be pure magic. There’s nothing better than exploring, snuggling, playing, and dancing with your kids. In fact, they can even be a small escape from reality. People booked family sessions in record numbers during the pandemic because getting outside in fresh air with their families allowed them a reprieve from all the craziness of the world.

Family photos have versatile uses.

Collage of toddler girl and her baby sister smiling.
Collage of five images of dad and infant daughter.

Whether you want to print family images to display in your house, create an album, or send holiday photos, there is no doubt that these pictures are very versatile and have many different uses. Not to mention that they make amazing personalized gifts for grandparents. Some of our family’s favorite things to do with our photos include:

Updating our gallery wall

Hanging canvases in the kids’ rooms

Sending holiday cards

Creating annual calendars

Sending framed prints to grandparents

Posting on social media

Family photos are such a great way for you to spread your family’s joy and love!

Collage of family of four playing at the park.

Though family photos might seem like an unnecessary expense during a recession, they are a truly an investment in your family’s connection, mental health, identity, and legacy. You are taking time to create lasting memories that represent your family’s love and connection, which can truly provide a source of love and comfort during any tougher times. That, my friends, is priceless!

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