Valentine's Day photos of children.


Valentine’s Day Mini Session | Austin Family Photographer

In the crazy hustle of fall and spring, people often forget how amazing Valentine’s Day sessions are for kiddos. Why choose a Valentine’s Day Mini Session? Here are my favorite reasons of why you should opt for this short and sweet session!

Valentine's Day photos of children.
A little girl with her brother posing for photos.

They’re fun for your kids.

Who doesn’t want to put on sparkly sunglasses and toss balloons in the air? With our fun music cranking in the background, these sessions can be as high energy as you and your child would like. Don’t worry – we also can make them low key for quieter kids, too! Kids have a blast on these fun sets and love seeing all the hearts and accessories. It’s a fun little outing!

Two sisters at a Valentine's Day photo shoot.

They’re an affordable way to capture your child.

A little girl in red smiling.

While fall and spring sessions tend to be in the higher price range, Valentine’s Day sessions are a lot more affordable! They are a really fun way for parents to be able to capture their growing kids in a really unique way. Bonus: you’ll stand out from the sea of traditional images!

Valentine’s Day Cards are a blast!

Two sisters dancing in balloons.

Whether you want to print your Valentine’s Day Mini Session pictures as cards to classmates or send a yearly card to family and friends, these photos have a lot of great opportunities to be shown off. Some parents will print their child’s photo and DIY a cute valentine such as this lollipop one. Others send family updates and cards around Valentine’s Day instead of the holiday season so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

You can never have too many memories.

A sibling set with some dogs taking photos in a studio.
A little girl in a purple dress smiling for the camera.
Three siblings sitting in balloons.

When it comes down to it, you will never regret any photos of your child. As someone about to send my oldest to college, the painful truth is that it goes too fast. We spend hundreds of dollars each month eating out and buying coffee that we drink in 30 minutes, yet we hesitate to spend money on heirloom images of our children that will literally become their legacy. Take the photos! They’re worth it, I promise.

Are you opting for a Valentine’s Day Mini Session this year? Reach out to chat!

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