A couple kissing together at an Austin maternity photo shoot.


Butler Park Photo Shoot | Austin Maternity Photographer

Butler Park Photo Shoot

I loved Shelley the instant she came over to our style session. This is one of the many reasons that I love having style sessions! It helps me get to know you and your personality before our time together. It’s so, so important to me that I know how you tick, what insecurities you have (if any!), and what you’re most looking forward to. Getting to chat with mamas before our shoot is just the best. One thing I loved about Shelley, too, is that she knew she wanted a Butler Park photo shoot. She had seen a few examples from my past galleries and fallen in love with the look. As an Austin maternity photographer, I was so excited to create a dream session for this amazing couple.

A pregnant woman kissing her husband on a cloudy day

A couple laughing together at Butler Park in Austin, Texas.

There’s a lot to love about Butler Park. It’s definitely a more urban setting because there are many spots with the skyline in the background, but there are also some opportunities for fun pops of nature and greenery. It is the perfect location for the modern family or couple who wants a very “Austin vibes” session. It also allows for some beautiful peeks of water views on this gorgeous dock that I love. One thing about shooting at Butler Park, though, is that you have to be comfortable with dogs! There are a LOT of dogs walking back and forth all through the park, as well as a dog park across the street. You also have to be ok with sharing space with those who are biking and walking around the park. That is one thing about Austin that we all love; everyone is so healthy and active! And of course, it’s always fun to enjoy the beautiful park spaces that we have here. This means that photographers are sharing space with park goers, so we frequently have to dodge out of their way. It all works out, though!

A pregnant woman with her husband at Butler Park, by Jessica Rockowitz, an Austin Maternity Photographer

A beautiful expecting mom, Austin maternity photos by Jessica Rockowitz

A maternity photo shoot at Butler Park, by Jessica Rockowitz, Austin Maternity Photographer

One thing I love about Shelley and Joseph is their amazing connection. It is so clear that they just enjoy each other’s company so much and are loving the beautiful life that they have built together. They were the types to sneak kisses, snuggle close, and just enjoy the process of photos. Joseph was such a trooper and was cool with everything I asked them to do, too, whether that was leaning against Shelley on a tree to sneak a kiss, or sitting down by the pond. Guys usually don’t love to sit (it’s a lot more uncomfortable for them), but we were able to get such great ones of them doing so!

An expecting mom posing in Austin, Texas on a cloudy day.

A pregnant mom and her husband twirling on the docks in Austin, Texas.

An Austin maternity photo shoot at Butler Park.

Shelley and Joseph are welcoming a sweet baby boy this February, and they are over the moon to be parents. Just from the interactions we’ve had together, I know they will be the absolute BEST. This sweet baby boy is already so, so loved! I truly love being an Austin maternity photographer and sharing in the joy of a new life with my clients. As a former OB/GYN Nurse Educator who swooned over all the pregnant mamas, this profession truly has my heart.

A couple snuggling together at Butler Park for a photo shoot in Austin.

A couple snuggling together on the dock at Butler Park in Austin, Texas.


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