Mom and dad snuggling on their toddler girl and newborn baby boy at sunset.


5 Reasons to Opt for an Outdoor Newborn Session | Austin Newborn Photographer

We’ve all seen the traditional newborn sessions with posed babies in baskets. We are also familiar with indoor newborn lifestyle sessions, where you snuggle with your family in the comfort of your own home.  One idea to consider, too, is to capture the moments with your sweet new baby outside! Why opt for an outdoor newborn session? Here are five great reasons why you should consider one for your family.

Family of four at Commons Ford Ranch Park snuggling with new baby in Austin, Texas

Siblings Behave Better.

Believe it or not, in home newborn sessions are a huge struggle for young siblings. They are getting used to a new baby, and their world is completely rocked as they learn how to share parents with another new life. Couple that with the comfort they feel in their own space, and you have a recipe for power struggles. In a neutral outdoor space, there is no battle for territory, so siblings often feel more at ease. There is also a lot more for them to do and explore, such as walking around together at a park or splashing in a creek. It’s a much more laid back way to capture your new family dynamic.

Dad and Mom snuggling with toddler girl in a rainbow shirt at a park in Austin.

Outdoor newborn session with a family of four in Austin, Texas


Light, Light, and Light.

With an outdoor newborn session, you never have to worry whether or not your house will have enough light or space to get the best photos. While it’s true that we can always find a beautiful pocket of light in your home, there is something to be said for the amazing drama and emotion that outdoor lighting provides. Even on a soft overcast day, there is no doubt that the connection of your family is highlighted drastically with some beautiful light.

Mom laying down on a blanket with her newborn baby

Dad being playful with his little girl, by Jessica Rockowitz, Austin Newborn Photographer

Your Session Will Be More Playful.

One of the reasons I am a lifestyle photographer is because I believe that your family is best captured in a joyful, carefree way. Sometimes it’s tricky to do that in your own home. There isn’t room to run, swing, or be thrown up high in the air. This can be part of the reason that siblings lose patience sometimes with newborn sessions, too. Having an outdoor session guarantees a lot more fun interactions between all family members with the opportunity to splash in creeks, pick flowers, swing in a field, and fly through the air into open arms.

Newborn baby laying on a blanket with his mom

Mom playing with her toddler girl and baby boy at sunset in Austin.

The Wardrobe Options Are Fun.

It looks out of place to doll yourself up in a boho gown with statement earrings when you’re snuggling on a bed, but when you’re going to be outside? It absolutely works. Texture and accessories always make sessions pop, but they’re even more vital outside – as a bonus, they’re FUN to work with. The wardrobe options for your outdoor newborn session are plentiful because of all the dresses I have in my client closet that work so well for the postpartum period. Instead of leggings and a t shirt, opt to make yourself feel special and play a little dress up.

Mom in a rust dress snuggling her newborn at Commons Ford Ranch Park in Austin, Texas.

Dad snuggling a baby boy, by Jessica Rockowitz Photography, Austin Family Photographer

It Feels Good to Get Out of The House.

It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex that is postpartum life with a newborn and almost feel like you can’t keep your head above water. Sometimes getting everyone out of the house, especially when there are siblings involved, is just what’s needed. Fresh air, snuggling, and loving on your new family member under a beautiful Texas sky is always the recipe for an instant serotonin boost. Even though staying home is convenient, once you’re out and playing together in the sunset, you will be so happy you opted for an outdoor newborn session.

Outdoor newborn session in Austin, Texas by Jessica Rockowitz Photography

Family of four snuggling and kissing each other in Austin, Texas

Mom and dad kissing under the moon in Texas

What do you think, Austin families? Would you consider an outdoor newborn session for your sweet new addition?

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