Swaddled baby with big brother holding his hand.


My Favorite Sibling Poses for An Austin Newborn Session

So, you have a newborn client. You are so excited to capture this beautiful and incredible time in your client’s life! Only problem is, this precious newborn has a big sibling, and you’re not quite sure how to capture swoon worthy photos of them both. Here are five of my favorite sibling poses for your Austin newborn session!

Pose #1: Sibling Behind Baby

Boy laying down behind newborn baby boy.
Big brother holding a baby brother.

This is a classic. Position baby so that he or she is in front of the sibling, and then have the sibling do various things behind baby to smile and then interact with them. This includes but is not limited to smiling at the camera, holding baby’s hand, and kissing baby.

Pose #2: Sibling Holding Baby While Sitting

Preschool age boy sitting on a bed holding his newborn baby brother.

You can get so many great variations of this shot. Have your sibling, depending on age, position baby on his or her lap or in between their legs. Smile at the camera, but then get more creative! Prompt big sibling to smell baby’s hair or ears (silly but looks great in photos), hold hands, count fingers or buttons, and snuggle.

Pose #3: Sibling Holding Baby While Laying Down

Preschool age boy laying down holding newborn boy.

Just like above, you can get some super sweet photos of a big sibling holding a baby on his or her chest. Get creative with your angles to get shots from the front, as well as the top down.

Pose #4: Kisses and Handholding

Swaddled baby with big brother holding his hand.
A four year old boy kissing his baby.

These are sweet detail shots that you don’t want to miss. Zoom in to get some really cute interactions between big sibling and that sweet babe.

Pose #5: Snuggles in Parent Arms

Mom and Dad holding newborn while big brother gives him a kiss.

Especially if your sibling is still on the younger side, don’t be afraid to utilize this pose. Have a parent hold baby in his or her arms and then prompt big sibling to snuggle, kiss, and touch baby.

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