Mom holding baby in the grass.


The Ortballs Family | Fall Session in Austin, Texas

Family of five in Austin, Texas.

My favorite thing about being a photographer is watching families grow. The privilege of them choosing me year after year, while their kids morph from cherub faced infants into toothless elementary schoolers, will never get old. When I started photographing Erin’s family, they were a family of four – now they have their sweet one year old son, Jacob, added to the mix. And let me just say…they are just the sweetest family. Erin also has a group of wonderful friends who have used me over the years, too, and watching their families grow has been my favorite part of being here in Austin. Truly. Read on to swoon over this fall session in Austin, Texas as much as I have!

Mom with her three kids.

One thing I love about Erin is that she is always adventurous and lets me have some creative freedom. She is open to my styling suggestions and is open to wearing fun items that are a bit outside of the box, as well as traveling to new locations without having seen them. This adventurous, stunning backdrop in the Hill Country was the perfect location to showcase the love and connection of the Ortballs Family.

Mom with each of her children.
Mom and her son dancing in the sunset.

Let’s talk about each of her amazing children. Jameson is the sweetest big brother who just adores his siblings. He is also the same age as my youngest, Graham, and I always have a tender spot in my heart for kids that are the same ages as mine. Jameson was totally happy to do all the things, including love on his parents and siblings. He just has such a big heart. One thing we learned – he isn’t a fan of jeans. I mean, who can blame him? It’s not like they’re comfortable. I told him next time I’d have alternatives for him that allowed more movement.

Little boy in the sun.

Then there’s miss Ella. I remember being in awe of how cooperative Ella was with photo shoots when she was under two years old. Nothing has changed! She has the most beautiful smile and just adores her family. It is so apparent in the way she hugs them, laughs in their arms, and gives them all the kisses. I also love that she adores dresses and flower crowns as much as I do and was totally happy to wear something fun and twirly.

Four year old girl in a yellow dress.

Jacob from the beginning has just been an absolute delight. He is such a beautiful baby and is just so giggly and happy. My favorite thing about him is his little scrunch face he makes when he’s laughing and having fun. We also had to capture his adorable little crawl! This time next year, this boy will be taking off as fast as lightening.

Baby boy in the grass.

And of course, Erin and Aaron just couldn’t be more of a joy to have as clients. People often ask, what makes a good client? Truthfully – trust and flexibility. That’s really it! Trust that I know what I’m doing and won’t steer you wrong, and know that kids will be kids and something might go wrong, and we will just pivot and carry on.

Family of five playing in Texas.
Mom and Dad loving on each other.

I’m still swooning over this beautiful fall session in Austin!

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