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What are Modern School Portraits? | Austin School Photographer

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We all remember the school portrait: think cheesy backdrops, stiff smiles, and the photographer spending maybe 30 seconds with each child. Thankfully, there is a better way! Insert modern school portraits from Austin school photographers Jessica Rockowitz and Kat Schaper. What are modern school portraits? How are they different from the big box companies? Read on to find out!

Fine Art Style.

Little girl in a plaid dress sitting against a white backdrop and a green backdrop.

The goal of modern school portraits in Austin Texas are to produce a timeless, fine art style portrait that will be cherished for generations to come. This means focusing on soft, even lighting and highlighting your child’s beautiful features. Your child is set against clean, modern backdrops that are expertly chosen to make your child the beautiful focal point. Editing is also true-to-life and timeless, which means that your school portraits will stand the test of time no matter how trends change.

Your Child’s Personality Shines.

Six photos of a little girl with blonde hair.
Eight photos of a little blonde girl in a red dress smiling at the camera.

Gone are the days of stiff portraits. Our goal is to leave you with images of your child that really highlight their personality and unique individuality. Though we always give traditional portraits, we have fun with your children and really get to know them. Having photographed thousands of families over eight years, we are highly skilled at getting kids comfortable quickly. Being a special needs mom, it is also important to me (Jessica) that all children are comfortable and included. We love silly faces, surprised faces, cool accessories, and everything in between. We want your child to feel like their portrait reflects them and all the beautiful, unique qualities they possess.

Seamless Ordering Process.

Six photos of a boy with brown hair in a navy Christmas sweater.
Seven photos of a girl with curly hair in a brown dress.

We believe in a seamless, paperless ordering process to make your life easier. There are no paper order forms that you must remember to fill out and bring back. Instead, everything is accessible online, right at your fingertips! You are able to view your child’s images and place orders right on the gallery. They are also shipped right to your doorstep for added convenience. We are all about efficiency and saving time, because as busy parents ourselves, we know how much you need life to be as streamlined as possible.

Competitive Pricing.

Seven photos of a boy in a black jacket with a white shirt.

Larger, diverse galleries of your child?

More time spent to get your child comfortable?

Seamless, digital ordering process?

Digitals, prints, and products to select from?

You might be asking yourself, this sounds great – but what will it cost me? We are thrilled to report that we are competitive with and often lower than big box companies who treat you like another number. We have no order minimums and a la carte options as well as affordable packages that begin at just $35.

Any questions? Interested in having our Austin school photographer come to your child’s daycare or school? Reach out and let’s chat!

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