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How to Choose An Austin Family Photographer

We are so fortunate here in Austin that we have such an amazing network of photographers to choose from! Just like each family is so unique, each photographer is going to offer a different product and experience. Here are my best tips for how to choose an Austin family photographer that will be the perfect fit for your incredible crew!

Editing Style.

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The first thing to ask yourself is, what kind of editing style are you drawn to? It is a somewhat common misconception that photographers will edit to whatever style their clients want. Instead, it’s best to look at various portfolios and hire a photographer based on the editing style you see. Some photographers will edit super bright and light, others will edit dark and moody, and there are many other variations in between. What kind of editing makes your heart sing? Vivid colors? Warm, sepia tones? Make sure to choose an Austin family photographer who edits the way you love. For me: I consider my editing style to be bold and emotional, with a touch of mood.

Posed vs Lifestyle

What kind of images do you love? Are you wanting a more posed gallery with all of the subjects smiling at the camera in most of the shots? Are you wanting completely unposed with documentary images where the photographer is just a spectator, and there aren’t any posed images? Or are you wanting someone in between who will give you a gallery comprised of both? It’s also a good thing to ask your photographer how many images from the session will be focused on posed vs candid moments. We all run our sessions differently and give a drastically different end result. For me: I give a handful of posed images (we all need a few, in my opinion!) with the rest of the gallery being comprised of candid, storyteller moments.

How important is styling to you?

A little boy holding a flower with his family, by Jessica Rockowitz, an Austin Family Photographer

Are you stressed about figuring out what to wear for your session? Would you rather have access to a client closet full of great pieces, or are you the type of person who would rather shop for yourself? Some photographers (like me!) have styling as part of our sessions and give you access to client closet pieces. Be careful, though, because not all client closets are created equal. If styling is really important to you, I would make sure to ask how many options your photographer has to choose from, what size he or she goes up to, if there are children’s outfits, and if accessories are also included. For me: I am very transparent that styling is a huge part of my work, and I have all of the above. There are over 100 women’s dresses in my client closet (plus accessories!), as well as over 100 children’s outfits.

What is your budget?

An Austin family playing in the backyard, by Jessica Rockowitz Photography an Austin family phtoographer

Here’s another thing about professional photography: there are a wide range of prices to fit literally every client! That is such a beautiful thing. Here are some of the factors that will impact the price of your photoshoot:

The quality of the photographer’s equipment

The experience level of the photographer and how long they’ve been in business

The photographer’s actual cost of doing business

How long it takes for the photographer to edit a gallery – do they edit skin? Head swaps so everyone is smiling in one photo?

The kind of touch points and perks that they give you – for example, a client closet or gifts for kids

If you’re just looking for a few updated snapshots and want to dress yourselves, a photographer who specializes in storyteller sessions and provides styling might not be the best fit. There will be a ton of great photographers, though, who do just that! For me: I have top of the line equipment, include a lot of high touch points, some fun perks, great styling options, and meticulous editing. That might not be what works for your family, though, which is is why it’s fantastic that there are so many great options.

Where are you located?

An Austin family of three playing in the backyard.

Austin is pretty big, and so is our traffic! A lot of Austin family photographers will only shoot in certain parts of the city or surrounding suburbs or will require a travel fee if you are traveling outside a certain radius. Make sure to ask your photographer how far they travel and incorporate any extra fees into your budget.

What do you think? Do you feel more confident in how to choose an Austin family photographer?



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