Am I the Right Austin Family Photographer for You?

Choosing a great Austin family photographer is fun because there are so many great ones! We all have our own unique styles and ways we run our businesses, which means that one of us is going to be the best fit for YOU. Here’s when I dig deep and get honest about my style and brand of photography so I can answer the question – am *I* the right photographer for *YOU?*

I might be the right Austin family photographer for you if…

You want an emotive, storytelling session instead of emphasis on posed images.

What does this mean? Though we get a few traditional portraits, most of your gallery is going to be full of snippets of love and moments of you and your family connecting with each other. This means that I’m not begging your kids to smile, and if there’s a pose or moment that they’re uncomfortable with, we’re going to skip right over it and move onto the next thing. It also means that you aren’t constantly asking your child to look at my camera and smile. You are trusting that when I want your kids to look at my camera, I will ask them to do so directly. At all other moments, though, I’m focused on giving you prompts or setting you up in a beautiful way that allows your family’s connection to shine through.


You trust my style guide and wardrobe opinions, and you WANT my styling help.

I cannot tell you how important style is when it comes to photography. Each photographer has a different way of shooting and editing, and certain clothing and tones are going to be a better fit than others for each style. I might be the right photographer for you if you trust my opinion when it comes to wardrobe. I try really hard to elevate *YOUR* personal style instead of fitting you into a box, but I’m going to be honest and tell you what doesn’t photograph as well and what does. This means ditching the matching outfits and letting me guide you with the right textures and tones to make your session incredible. It also means understanding that sometimes everyday clothing won’t achieve the look that you’re going for. This brings me to the next point…

You trust me when it comes to when and where to shoot.

You are ok with keeping your child up past his or her bedtime or waking up early to catch a sunrise, because you know that it will create the best light and result for your images. You understand that the dreamy images you fell in love with in my portfolio are achieved by very specific lighting situations. You’re willing to drive to where I suggest, even if it’s a little longer than you imagined, and you’ll sing the Peppa Pig theme song 33 times or throw an iPad in the back if it means keeping the kids awake and happy long enough to achieve the best outcome for our session.

You let the little things go.

You aren’t the person who is going to stress that every hair is perfectly in place or have wardrobes that constantly need to be buttoned, tucked, and adjusted. You believe me when I say that a little wind and nature adds depth to your images, because this isn’t a studio setting. You want the emphasis to be on your beautiful family, highlighting your love and connection, and you’re not going to stress over the tiny details that have the ability to break your session experience.

You understand that I’m not an entertainer.

My job is to facilitate love and connection between your family, and of course I will always make every attempt to keep your child happy. And trust me, I have some fantastic bribes. But you understand there there are no puppets, juggling acts, or any miracles when it comes to getting kids to be happy and cooperate. I will meet them at their level, run through tons of ideas to get them excited and happy, and at the end of the day, you love that the session will truly show your family just as you are in that stage of life. You embrace exactly who your child is.

You are ok with showing affection on camera.

You love to snuggle, kiss, and just be close to your people. You’re ok when I tell you to get closer, and you’re great with the big gushy kisses and hugs from your partner and kids. You happily squeeze together when I tell you to get close, because you know that my style is ALL about that LOVE.

You’re seeking a fun, laid back experience.

You know that most of my session will be spent snuggling, playing some games, checking out our surroundings, and just generally feeling like an adventure. Don’t get me wrong, kids are kids…there will always be the occasional tough moment or meltdown, but you trust that we will pivot accordingly and move right along.

You respect that photography is an investment.

You realize that as photographers, we are constantly investing in ourselves to better our end product and experience. You understand that showing up at the session is only 1/8 of the work we actually do for our experience, because there is so much front end and back end work involved. You aren’t just looking for a photographer, but you’re truly seeking me because of the specific style that I offer.

Do I sound like the right Austin family photographer for you? If so, let’s chat about your session! Reach out to me here.


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