The Deets on Fall 2024 with Jessica Rockowitz Photography

Last year I made a blog post ALL about fall photos, and it was a really big success to help families determine what would be the best fit for them. Even though we are wrapped up in the end of the school year and getting ready for summer, it is indeed time to discuss fall photos.

This fall is even more special because…

It is likely my last fall living in Austin. Our family is relocating to San Diego in 2025, and though I will always come back in fall and spring for pictures, it is mostly going to be without my client closet and will also be on a much more limited basis. Therefore, if you are wanting a full one hour session with all the styling bells and whistles…now is your time to book it. Don’t worry, though – I still have plenty of other options for those of you who don’t want full sessions.

Read below for all the fall 2024 details!

When does my fall calendar 2024 open?

Fall will open on Monday May 20th at 7AM CST to my email list. All leftover spots will be posted 24 hours later to social media.

Where will fall be announced?

Spots will be given first and foremost to my email list for the first 24 hours. I will then open bookings to the general public on Tuesday afternoon.

What kind of spots will I have?

I will be offering my typical hour long sessions, some petite 30 minute session spots at pre-determined locations, and a few mornings and evenings of mini sessions at pre-determined locations.

Where will sessions be?

For hour long sessions, you are able to choose your location.

Petite sessions will take place on a Tuesday evening in the West Austin area at a location of my choosing, with the rain date on Thursdays. You must be available for both.

Mini sessions are at pre-determined locations. Outdoor sessions will have a rain date, too.

Is fall right for my family?

Please note that fall is the busiest time in a photographer’s calendar. Therefore, it is imperative to be flexible. What does this mean?

Minis and Petite Sessions cannot be rescheduled. This means that if you have to miss your 15 or 30 minute slot due to illness or injury, you will have two options: 1. keep the credit to use at a later date; other minis/petites will take place in spring 2025. 2. You can use the credit to bump up to a full session. I can also keep you on my cancellation list so that if a petite or mini cancels, you get priority to take their slot.

We can’t reschedule for mildly inconvenient weather. This means that if it’s overcast, chilly, or very hot, our session must go on. I do not have the flexibility in my fall calendar to pivot to another date unless it is actively raining. This also means that if it rains earlier in the day and then stops, we will still be shooting. If you are 100% set on sun or are VERY particular about temperature conditions, I recommend booking another time of year. I do have rain/emergency sickness dates, but I will not have the flexibility to reschedule us otherwise. Speaking of rain…

I also can’t predict the weather. Sometimes in Austin, fall is BONE dry. Other times, it floods. Since I was not blessed with psychic abilities (still salty about that, TBH), I am unable to predict what kind of fall we will have. Therefore, I take the maximum amount of clients I am ok with balancing and still having some kind of semblance of a life with my family.

Your family must be flexible for rain dates. If you can ONLY shoot on Saturdays, fall is not the time for you to book. If you book a weekend but it rains, your make-up date might be a weeknight, though I try very hard to keep you to a weekend. This means that if you have tight sports schedules or work commitments, fall is not the right time for you to have family photos because it requires flexibility in case of sickness or inclement weather.

The timing of sessions. Fall sessions will always take place at Golden Hour if it’s sunny or partly sunny, which means we shoot an hour before sunset. If you have a full one hour session, this means we are at our location about 90 minutes before sunset to allow time for us to change and get ready. If it’s overcast outside, this might mean pivoting our session up to THREE HOURS before our scheduled time to get the best light. This means when scheduling hair and makeup as well as for work schedules, you MUST be flexible enough to meet me 3 hours before sunset. If this falls around naps, bedtimes, or work time that you’re uncomfortable pivoting if we need to, I recommend booking at a different time of year that has much more flexibility.

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