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A lot of seniors love using South Congress Street as the backdrop to their session. This is because so many of them want an iconic Austin backdrop since they are graduating from this city. It’s a wonderful, timeless way to capture photos of a senior’s personality with the funky, eclectic backdrop of Austin. South Congress also has such a great variety of locations to choose from that it feels like everyone’s sessions are always different at this fun spot. Are you considering South Congress senior portraits for your senior session? Here are eight of my favorite spots.

The Austin Motel Sign

Teenage girl walking on South Congress Street

This iconic backdrop always lends itself to awesome photos. Seniors love stomping, walking, and smiling in front of this great sign. The fun part is that the writing changes, so you never know what you’re going to get. It also makes for really fun portrait orientation photos!

The Rainbow Lights

Girl smiling under rainbow lights in Austin, Texas.

To the left of the Austin Motel sign are the fun rainbow lights! This spot is a blast because it gives a funky, colorful edge to your senior’s photos. There is also plenty of space to skip and twirl to really give your photos some personality.

The Ivy Wall

Teenage girl in jeans and a white shirt next to a brick wall on South Congress.

If you walk down towards Perla’s, there is a really pretty ivy wall on the right hand side of the street. It seems silly, but have your senior jump in to get a really fun and neutral backdrop. I love the texture of the brick combined with the texture and color of the contrasting ivy.

The Steps Next to Cove Boutique

A teenage girl sitting and smiling at sunset.

During sunset hours, there is a really pretty peek of sun that comes up behind the steps here. This is a great opportunity to get fun pull backs and close ups of your senior.

The Brick Wall by Manuel’s South Congress

Teen girl at sunset against a brick wall.

The fun part about South Congress is all of the fun textured walls to choose from. One of my favorites is in a little alley parking lot right next to Manuel’s. The sun hits perfectly for harsh light images as well as pivoting to get some backlight.

Austin Skyline

Teen girl walking on South Congress Street.

With the skyline in the background, you must get a cool shot of your senior walking across the street for the perfect Austin backdrop. This is easier to do when it’s less busy, and there will often be cars in the background that you may or may not want to remove in Photoshop!

Jo’s Coffee

Teen girl at Jo's Coffee Shop on South Congress.

This shot is easiest when it’s closed because you won’t get the crowds in the background. This spot is a really fun, neutral backdrop where seniors can lean and get some fun close ups.

Steps by Amy’s Ice Cream

A girl twirling on South Congress Street.

There is an adorable boutique across from Amy’s that has these awesome white steps and fun little ramp. It is a great spot to have your senior sit and walk to get some fun movement and candids.

What do you think of South Congress Senior Portraits? Will you book one for your rising senior?

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