Mom and grandma snuggling one year old boy.


5 Easy Poses for Families with Babies in Austin

A lot of photographers get nervous when there is a family with just one baby, especially if that sweet babe isn’t yet walking. Why is this? It’s easy for us to interact with multiple children running around and capture the sweetness of their exploration. With stationary babies, it can be tricky because they aren’t yet moving and they often require a lot of stimulation. Ironically, families with one baby are a favorite of mine. Here are five easy poses for families with babies in Austin!

Pose #1: Baby Sandwich

One year old boy with his family by an oak tree in Austin.
Grandparents and parents loving on a one year old baby boy.

Have the family gather around baby and place him or her in the middle. Rotate looking at the camera, then coming in to squeeze baby and give some kisses. Make sure you get various pull back shots, as well as the cute close up details.

Pose #2: Baby in Parent’s Arms While Other Parent Snuggles Close

Mom and Dad holding baby boy at Pace Bend Park.

This is one of my favorites. Have one parent hold baby and toss him or her in the air while the other parent snuggles their back. Then switch while the other parent holds baby, and the first parent snuggles close.

Pose #3: Baby Solo

Baby sitting on a blanket with his dog.
Baby boy on a blanket at a park.

I try to get these at the beginning of the session once baby has warmed up a little. Put baby on a cute blanket or in a soft patch of grass free from creatures and snap away!

Pose #4: Baby Solo with Parents

Baby with his dad at a park.
Dad snuggling with his one year old son.
Mom snuggling with her baby boy in the bluebonnets.

Make sure you take the time to capture baby’s personality, which can be brought out with each parent holding and snuggling baby separately. This is a fun opportunity to have parents toss, spin, snuggle, and tickle baby to get all sorts of beautiful emotion. Side note: everyone loves the Texas bluebonnets! Make sure to reach out early to snag your spot, because they go fast.

Pose #5: Walking With Baby

Mom and Dad holding hands and walking at a park.

This is a fun way to make baby laugh! Have parents hold hands and do various walks towards the camera. This can include twirling, hip bumping, stopping to kiss, and just walking nicely. It makes for great images!

What do you think, photographers? Do you love families with a solo babe?

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