Mom and Dad snuggling on the bed in Austin, Texas with new baby.


What to Wear to Your Newborn Photo Session | Austin Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions are admittedly one of my favorites. There is something so magical and amazing about a new life joining your family. A lot of new moms are admittedly nervous about wardrobe and aren’t sure how to dress themselves, especially being newly postpartum. Here are my favorite tips for what to wear to your newborn photo session to feel your best!

Use Soft, Neutral Tones

Mom and Dad snuggling newborn baby in Austin, Texas

My newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home or in a natural light studio. Therefore, it’s important to remember that the tones you wear in your clothing will make a huge impact for your final product. Though I never recommend wearing bright colors, I especially do not recommend it for indoor newborn sessions. This is because they will give a color cast on the skin, especially baby’s face. This also goes for the colors around you. If your bedspread is a brighter color, we will take it off to use the white or neutral sheet underneath. We don’t want those harsher colors bouncing onto your skin tones and making you look red, orange, or blue. Therefore, we want soft tones. Think olive, cream, khaki, and even pastels.

Dress for Comfort

Two families holding their newborn baby by Jessica Rockowitz Photography
Mom with toddler daughter and newborn baby.

First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re comfortable. You will be sitting on the bed, laying down, standing up, and snuggling your new baby. You don’t want to worry about anything becoming untucked or riding up. This means skipping shorter dresses and opting for midi or maxi length, or jeans/leggings with a flowy top or tunic.

Skip Fitted Garments

Mom, Dad and newborn baby snuggling in baby's nursery

The best outfits for your newborn photo session are ones that will skim your body. This means nothing too tight because remember, you will be sitting, laying down, etc. and just want to worry about the flow and ease. You will want to avoid things like tight tank tops, crops, and bodysuits.

Think About Your Home

Mom in yellow dress snuggling baby boy in Austin, Texas
Family of three in a modern home in Austin, Texas with their newborn baby.

Remember, the goal for these photos is not just a lifetime memory, but to produce images that you feel proud to hang in your home. It’s also important to think about home decor! What are the tones of your home? If you have a turquoise accent wall where the photos will be hanging, for example, rust would be a great option for you to incorporate. Since rust and turquoise are opposite on the color wheel, they tend to look really great together. You can also opt to incorporate neutral tones if your home is mostly neutrals, as well. This will ensure that the images blend seamlessly.

Don’t Forget Your Hands

Two moms snuggling their newborn babies.

Your hands will be in a LOT of these photos holding baby, etc. so just remember to remove all dirt from under your fingernails. You absolutely do NOT need to get your nails professionally done, but many new moms find it fun and relaxing to go get a manicure before their shoot.

And Lastly, the Feet

Mom and Dad snuggling in front of the crib with their new baby.

Skip the socks. Bare feet photograph better indoors. Just trust me.

What do you think? Were these tips helpful to determine what to wear to your newborn photo session?

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