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Newborn lifestyle photography is my jam for SO many reasons. My perspective as a parent and former OB/GYN Nurse Educator has led me to deeply love this organic, emotive photography style. When my middle child was born, we hired a lifestyle photographer for his newborn images. It was so laid back to have her in our home, with everything accessible at our fingertips. I love that we were able to take frequent breaks when needed, in our own space, and that we could really go by his schedule. For my last child, another boy, we opted for a studio session to mix it up. The experiences were night and day. Though I loved our photographer and think she did a great job with the majority of our images, it was a super stressful experience. She was really frustrated that our baby wasn’t sleeping and kept asking me to keep feeding him in order to get him “drowsy enough to pose.” He didn’t want to leave my arms, and needless to say, it was a really long four hours. I left feeling almost defeated at my baby’s “performance,” which is definitely not how I wanted to feel as a new mama.

As a mom and nurse, I believe that babies belong in their parents’ arms. I believe that babies should be “posed” lightly in natural positions that you would find your newborn in, so you can remember them just as they are. I believe that babies are the boss of our sessions, and I never have them in any pose that they wouldn’t otherwise be comfortable with, and I photograph them whether they’re awake or asleep. I think newborn sessions should be a really laid back and stress-free experience for parents. There is enough stress when you have a new baby! Your photos should not add to it. I also believe that images should not be SO heavily retouched that you barely recognize your baby. All of these philosophies have given rise to my deep passion for newborn lifestyle photography, because I want families to come as they are and remember these organic moments.

I met Kristen when she booked both a maternity and newborn session with me. I can typically gauge how a session will go within the first five minutes of meeting the family, simply based on demeanor. Kristen’s instant kindness and warmth was contagious. I knew this was going to be a fun session before we had even begun! Her husband Mitch and son Carson were also so friendly and fun, and I instantly fell head over heels with their gorgeous golden doodle, Kobe. I love when families incorporate their fur babies into our sessions, too.

Fast forward to January, where Kristen and her family welcomed their beautiful new addition, Baby Preston. Seeing Carson transform into his role as big brother was incredible. He was so sweet and gentle with Preston. Even Kobe could sense that he needed to be careful around the baby. We tried to place a small treat at the edge of baby’s basket so Kobe would dip his nose down, but he refused to snag it – you could tell that his first priority was to keep baby safe!

This sweet, beautiful family is the epitome of love. I had such a blast with them, and I hope you enjoy some highlights of our session!




Austin Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

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