Zero to Marketing Master

How to create a kick-ass client experience + get savvy with branding – all between the hustle of your busy mom life. 

What if you could...

Make this the year that you felt CONFIDENT marketing your photography business to generate more leads and profits? 

Learn how to attract your dream clients and create an incredible client experience to keep them coming back and raving about you to their friends?

Master the art of social media marketing and know more about what to post, where to post, and when to post it?

Grow your photography business exponentially, no matter how long you've been shooting? 

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So photography is your passion, and perhaps it was even sparked by motherhood when you snagged your first DSLR to take better photos of your kids. 

What was once a hobby has morphed into a full fledged business. You love what you do, but you know that in order to treat this like the business it deserves and to be and grow to reach your goals, you have to master the art of branding and marketing. You know that you need to have trusted systems and workflows in place to keep your business running smoothly, and you want your branding and social media to attract your dream clients. 

In your ideal world, your dream client found you on Instagram and booked you right on the spot because your photos heavily resonated with her. She and her family show up to their session in trendy, neutral colored clothing and have instant connection on camera. You pull away from your session an hour later and can’t wait to dive into editing, and thank the universe that this is what you get to wake up and do every day. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how every shoot goes. 

Sure, not every session will EVER go as planned – but the task of finding your dream clients and knowing how to speak to them on social media is extremely daunting. As an entrepreneur and mom, you are used to figuring it out solo – you’re realizing, though, that it’s not necessarily going to take you on the path you want to go. 

But, Hey! What if I could teach you how to book more, attract your ideal clients, and get your life back? 

We will cover goals like:

Laying the foundation to run a successful photography business 

Creating effective workflows that save you time so you can get your life back!

Crafting client communication templates that result in bookings

Digging deep to find your “why” and how it relates to your dream clients

Tackling your social media and marketing so you feel confident that what you’re putting out will attract your ideal clients

My name is Jessica Rockowitz

I created Zero to Marketing Master for female photographers just like you – the really awesome kind who do all the things in business and motherhood, and who have big dreams and goals for their businesses. 

I’m handing over all the details I’ve learned from my marketing experience working with national and International mom and baby brands, that I’ve translated to my photography business. When I booked 50k in revenue during my first six months of business, I knew that I was onto something. 

Zero to Marketing Master is my intimate, four-week course that is designed around your busy mom life to teach you how to master marketing and social media, and speak to your dream clients. 

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There are limited spots to make this a really intimate experience. 

This course is for you if…

what makes me different

The thought of deciphering the world of social media marketing makes your head spin, and you just want to get started and learn how to navigate it all

You have a sense of your ideal clients, but you just aren’t sure how to attract them

You want to get your life back and have a solid workflow in place to work smarter, not harder

You’re ready to dig deep and rediscover your “why” in order to create the foundation for your business 

You’re tired of getting ghosted when you respond to inquiries or being told that you’re too expensive, or they chose someone else

Week One

Laying the Foundation for Your Brand

We start from the ground up to lay the framework for creating a brand that speaks to your target client. This goes beyond just fonts and colors, but also into the heart of your branding, which includes that way you are presenting yourself on your website and social media. 

The components that are essential to attracting your dream clients and standing apart from the sea of other photographers. What it means to have a cohesive brand, even down to the editing.

You'll Learn

I'll also do a personalized audit of your current branding with personalized suggestions and tips on how to elevate your brand. 

What’s inside Zero to Marketing Master? Keep Scrolling!

Week Two

Your Workflow and Client Experience 

Nobody ever told you that the path to entrepreneurship is a lonely one, and often filled with tiny details that will make your head spin. What should you say to a client when they inquire that will lead them to book? How do you handle when someone asks for a discount? Week two is all about diving deep into our workflows to make sure we’re attracting and speaking to our ideal clients. 

All about my workflow from inquiry to booking and beyond, including all the extras I offer my clients to create an elevated brand experience. Why presentation matters, and all about the little details to create a kick ass client experience to keep them coming back and rave about you to their friends

You'll Learn

You’ll also get exclusive access to the same templates I use to respond to clients about all my inquiries – including how to handle tough client scenarios

Week three

Social Media Deep Dive

We start from the ground up to lay the framework for creating a brand that speaks to your target client. This goes beyond just fonts and colors, but also into the heart of your branding, which includes that way you are presenting yourself on your website and social media. 

Where your ideal clients are hanging out – and how to reach them

Why analytics are important, and what yours say about your posts 

You'll Learn

All about the ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram, including how to craft killer bios, what’s the deal with hashtags, what to post, how often to post it, and everything in between 

Week four

Pinterest, Email Marketing & Blogging

Does the mention of an email list induce nervous sweats? What would you even SAY to your subscribers anyway? Have you been overwhelmed by the mention of blogging and wondering how to pack your posts full of SEO-friendly value?

How to curate an email list

What you should be blogging about, how often, and what does it mean to have a post be SEO friendly? Then after you blog...what the heck do you do with it?!

You'll Learn

How to create a marketing calendar and the best way to maximize your workflow so you’re not a slave to the miscellaneous tasks 

How to write compelling captions and deliver valuable content that will make your subscribers click

I believe in group support and the power of numbers. 

This small group course comes with an independent learning component, as well as built in support from our private Facebook group and from me! Each week will be filled with Lives, feedback on your weekly assignments, and group support from fellow mompreneurs who are ready to elevate their businesses. We’re all in this together!

THE BEST PART?! There's an ALUMNI group after the course, so you will always have access to our little community, and because I'm genuinely invested in your success and want to continue to help you flourish. 

How does it work?

Week One

Oh, and a little bit more about me, your educator…

I’m a former OB/GYN Nurse Educator who left the field to pursue my dream of marketing. I guess you could say that education has always been a part of me! I worked with some killer national and international mom and baby brands, learning the ins and outs of social media marketing and attracting our target clients. I was also a “mom with a camera,” when I purchased my first DSLR – a Canon Rebel – in order to take better pictures of my kids. What started as a hobby quickly spiraled into a full fledged business, where I put my marketing knowledge into practice in order to generate over 50k of revenue in my first six months of business. Now, I’m sharing my secret sauce to help other mom photographers do the same.

So, what’s the investment?

Congratulations on the decision to invest in yourself! 

One of the reasons I have grown so fast is because I genuinely believe in education and community, as well as how important it is to learn from others. In a self-taught industry like photography, EDUCATION IS KEY. Save yourself tons of time, money, and stress by investing in others to learn your craft FASTER.

You’ll receive my four-week course (the materials are yours to keep for life, including when they're updated!), plus access to our private Facebook group where I will be at your disposal to answer questions and bounce ideas off of! I’ll also give feedback on all your class assignments that are posted to the group, and we will have an alumni group when the course ends. 

Two payments of $248 (first payment due to hold your spot, second payment due 24 hours before the course) gives you access to one of the best investments you'll make for your business. There are very limited spots for an intimate experience. Snag yours now! 

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Are you ready to snag yours?

There are limited spots to make this a really intimate experience. 

I’m scared I’ll be too busy. Is this course “go at your own pace?”

Hey, mama. I see you hustling with your babies, and I know how hard you’re working. The unique make-up of this course is a great mixture of independent and group study! You’ll have access to all the materials, and you have the entire week to ask questions in our Facebook group, watch the accompanying videos, and listen to a module or read a PDF at nap time or during your lunch break at the office. I'll also be hopping on weekly Lives to answer any questions! 

This course isn’t entirely a stand-alone, “go at your own pace” course because as someone who has invested thoroughly in my own education, I don’t believe those courses add enough value. Statistics show that most people who purchase such courses skip around or don’t finish them at all. I know you work hard for your money, and I want to BE THERE with you to help hold you accountable and answer questions that you have. I feel that a completely stand alone course would be doing you a disservice, because I don’t just ever want to be another spot in your queue. 

Have questions? Check my FAQs…

Does this course expire? How long can I access it?

Great question! You can download the content and keep it FOREVER! The best part is, if I add content to the page, you have lifetime access to all the updates and tweaks that I make. Though our class Facebook group will only be around during the duration of our course, you can download any Lives, take screen shots, or copy down any key information you’d like to save. I also have an alumni Facebook group that I’ll add you to in order for us to keep up with each other, and so you can continue to have an amazing place to go to bounce off ideas and questions. 

I’m scared to invest in my business and spend a lot of money. What makes your course different?

Oh, how I can relate to this. When I first started photography, I felt the need to invest, invest, invest. I spent thousands of dollars on workshops and mentorships. Some were fantastic, and others left me thoroughly disappointed and even sick to my stomach with how much money I’d spent, only for it to have felt like a total waste. 

I’ve taken everything that I’ve loved from my educational experiences to incorporate it into this course, which is why I also am a big believer in the private Facebook group and with ME being really present in your education in order to give you feedback and a face behind the course! I’m invested in your success, and I assure you that I created this course in order to share my knowledge of what has worked for me so that other mom photographers can learn to build their businesses around their kids and get their lives back. 

What kind of photographer is this course best for?

The awesome news is that Zero to Marketing Master is best for ANY kind of photographer! Whether your heart lies with fresh babies or weddings, the principles can apply to every genre of photography. 

How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

This looks a little different for everyone, but we are looking at around a few hours a week, split up over the entire period. You have access to the materials, which you can complete at your own pace. Your participation in our Facebook group is entirely voluntary, and you are welcome to watch weekly my Lives on your own schedule if you can’t make them in real time! I do recommend participating in our group to get the most out of it. 

How do you deliver the content?

I have everything on a private page for you and consists of PDFs and videos. 

Can you tell me more about the Facebook group?

Absolutely! I only allow a limited number of students into Zero to Marketing Master at a time in order to keep it an intimate experience. During our four weeks together, I create a private Facebook group for the students, plus myself and my intern. This is the place you’ll get to network with other kick ass entrepreneurs, as well as post any questions you have about the material as you’re diving in. I’ll also do a weekly 30 minute Facebook Live where I will have a “topic of the week” that I’ll speak about for a few minutes, then open it up to questions. Once the group is finished, you are added to my alumni group! This is where all students will be in order to create a safe, fun space to keep the education going and help each other grow. 

Why should I join now?

I see you over there dreaming about leaving your full or part time job and about the time where your photography business will REALLY take off. I ask you, then...what are you waiting for? 

What would it look like if you could feel confident in your workflow? Or to have more time to spend with your family, because you’re attracting your dream clients and working smarter, NOT harder? This is what I want for you, and I think that you deserve it! Why not now?

Do you offer in person workshops?

I do, but this is not one of them. It's uniquely online because it's a lot of material!

I'm scared that I'm not good enough yet at photography for this to add value for me.

The crazy thing about limiting beliefs is that we let them trickle into our brains and take over. Trust me, I've been there. One of the reasons I owe to my rapid success with photography (and believe me, there are several – and I'll teach you ALL about them!) is that I wasn't afraid to dive into the best practices of social media FROM THE BEGINNING of my business. I didn't wait until I felt "good enough" (spoiler alert: we will NEVER feel good enough!) to take myself seriously. I didn't want until I reached a certain amount of sales or followers to have a beautiful website, to create an email list, or to just go for it. Whether you've been doing photography for six months or six years, there are always going to be things for you to learn and grow from. Change doesn't happen in your comfort zone. I want for you to be able to see the value in your talent and to believe in yourself enough to want to take that leap of faith and grow your marketing knowledge. Let's do it together!

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There are limited spots to make this a really intimate experience. 

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