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What are the things that you most want to remember?

Some of my best memories are of my dad following me around with a camcorder. Whether it was my re-enactment of Sears commercials (yes, that really happened) or my latest dance recital, he was there with his giant camcorder in hand. Our society also tends to invest a lot of money when it comes to capturing our wedding on film, but why not our families? After all, those are the very best memories that deserve to be passed on. 

Someday, you'll want to look back and remember just how soft and tiny her voice was. And you, mama – you deserve to be in front of the camera, rocking your sweet baby or chasing your toddler. They deserve these memories of you so they can look back and feel transported to that very moment. 

Family films are like walking into a memory. I capture your beautiful family just as you are. Your house doesn't need to be clean or resemble anything out of a West Elm catalogue. These beautiful films are completely stress free and take the ordinary, everyday routine of your family and transform it into something absolutely magical – simply because it's your story. 

Family films are available with and without add on photo packages. Reach out to inquire about yours! 

Please Contact Me for more information on details and pricing