Juliet on South Congress Street in Austin, Texas


Let's take a moment to reflect back on our eighteen-year-old selves. I want to challenge you to sit quietly and think about what you thought your life would look like back then. Where did you want to attend college? What did you want to major in? Where did you think you'd be at age 25? 30? 40? 

I'll play. Here's mine:

  • At 18, I was a new mom. Yup, you read that right! I had just had my first baby (now an amazing 13 year old), and I was totally terrified of juggling college with raising her.
  • Throughout my entire high school career, I was very set on attending an Ivy League School. Or Notre Dame. For some reason, I was in love with that school. 
  • When I became a mom, I decided to attend college at a small liberal arts school through a program that helped support me. They paid for my childcare and housing, as well as a plethora of other perks that helped me succeed. Admittedly, that's a whole other post! 
  • I started out as a Journalism major but ended up in Biotechnology and Nursing because I felt the intense pressure to choose a definitive path that provided stability for us. I am so grateful for my background, but I'm equally grateful that I had the courage to walk away from it and choose a path that was better suited to who I was as a person. 

All of that to say...I love Senior Portrait Sessions, or just sessions in general with teens. They are at such an incredible point in their lives where the world is literally at their fingertips. Perhaps they'll walk the exact path they've envisioned thus far, or maybe they'll deviate from it. You are freezing a moment in time for them, just before they transition into adulthood. It's kind of magical, if you think about it. 

I loved photographing Juliet. This was one of my very first sessions as a brand new photographer! We chose South Congress Street because we felt like it was funky and vibrant, just like her. We chased the light together and found some cute spots, and the end results were nothing short of amazing. Scroll below to see some of my favorites from our session! 

If you're looking to book a senior portrait session, reach out. Let's make some photo magic!

Jessica Rockowitz