Rory + Rowan at Butler Park in Austin, Texas

family photographer austin, texas

My friends have really cute kids. I mean, really cute. Rory + Rowan belong to my dear friend Alexis, who is a local Austin doula, therapist, and general breath of fresh air. I'm pretty much obsessed with her and her family. 

I think one thing parents (including me) stress about during a shoot is whether or not our kids are cooperating. Are they looking at the camera and giving the right smile? You know, the kind that doesn't resemble the cover of The Shining? Are they listening/posing/standing in the right position? 

Here's a little secret. 

This is precisely why I love lifestyle photography. Sure, smiles are great...but I'm here to capture what happens in between the smiles, too. The giggles, pouts, laughter, and general goofiness that comes with the territory of kids. 

Rory and Rowan were so much fun to hang with, and I think we got some great photos that I hope their parents will cherish forever. You can see peeks of their incredible personalities through them and know just what fabulous little people they are and will grow up to become. Scroll to see some of my favorites from our session. Which one is yours?