Teen Photo Shoot at Bee Cave Park in Austin, Texas



My 13-year-old daughter is admittedly my muse, and I absolutely love photographing her. For this session, she chose her outfit, and I did her makeup using the tips and products from my Beauty Checklist Guide. Doesn't she look amazing? I'm pretty sure that when I was in 7th grade, my eyeshadow matched my shirt, and I still hadn't discovered what a hair serum was. 


Senior Portraits Austin, Texas

We location hopped to catch the last of the gorgeous Golden Hour sun. The thing I love most about these photos is that they capture her personality. Some are the more model-esque ones that every teen loves to have for their Instagram feed (let's be real), but many of them are just capturing her, and the true spirit of just being a teen girl. Scroll on the right side to see a few of our favorites from the session! 


What are your favorite places for photographs around Bee Cave, Texas?