Family of four smiling at the camera in San Diego California.


The Rivera Family | San Diego Family Photographer

I’ve known Ruthie since we were pregnant with our now almost NINE year old children! We started off on a Babycenter group together, which evolved into a more closer knit Facebook group over the years. This incredible group of ladies has gotten very close as our kids have grown. We have watched our October 2013 babies become big siblings, start daycare and then kindergarten, and now they’re going to be big bad third graders this fall of 2022. As a San Diego Family Photographer, I had the honor of photographing her gorgeous family, and let me just say how fantastic they were! Ruthie and her husband have the most beautiful connection with each other and with their amazing girls, Olivia and Elise. I also was just in love with the sister bond, too. You can tell they really love and value each other. As someone who has a close relationship with my own sister, I love seeing it in others.

Family of four snuggling in San Diego, California.
Mom kissing dad with two little girls.
Dad smiling and kissing his two daughters in San Diego California.

I dressed Ruthie and her family from head to toe. My rule is to always dress Moms first because let’s face it – our kids look great in everything! I helped Ruthie select a dress that she would feel great it and that would reflect her style as well as be comfortable to move around in. Though this is quite a bit of fabric, she rocked it!

Dad kissing and twirling his two daughters in Escondido California.
Two sisters cuddling together and laughing in San Diego, by Jessica Rockowitz.

We then dressed the girls. Olivia picked her dress, which we felt looked amazing with Ruthie’s. I had this beautiful two piece for Elise, and even though both girls are in lighter tones, they compliment each other really well because of Elise’s pattern. We then topped it off with a dried flower crown!

Two little girls smiling at the camera and twirling in San Diego.

We picked Robert’s shirt and jeans to keep the palette casual and neutral while complimenting the girls. I think it came out great!

Mom in a green dress snuggling in the grass by the mountains in San Diego.
Mom loving on her baby girl.
Mom cuddling by the lake with her daughter.

When working with families, I try to make sure to get a variety of shots. Though I want to make sure we get a good amount of full family shots, it’s also important to me that we split up the family and get photographs of each parent with each child, as well as sibling pictures and solo kids. I strive to give a really varied gallery because I think about the moments I would want as a mom of my own children. It’s important to me to be well rounded.

Mom kissing her nine year old daughter in San Diego.
Mom and Dad with their two daughters in California.

We always end our session with free play if I’ve been able to get everything that I want and we have some extra time. I put on a favorite family song and tell everyone to get close, dance, and snuggle! It always makes for adorable photos. I also love that this part of the session is unique to each family!

Mom and Dad kissing on camera.
Mom and Dad loving on each other with their daughters playing in the background.

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Family of four at sunset snuggling in San Diego California by Jessica Rockowitz Photography.

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