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When is the best time to take family photos? The great thing about family photography in Austin, Texas is that we tend to have beautiful weather and can be outside year round! Sure, we have our colder weeks, but they’re nothing compared to other parts of the country. We are lucky, for sure! Since we can take advantage of the great outdoors all year long, when is the best time to take family photos in Austin, Texas? The answer is that it depends on so many factors, such as what types of backgrounds you are drawn to and your family’s schedule. Here are some important factors to consider regarding when is the best time to take family photos!

Winter Photoshoot in Austin, Texas

Why aim for a winter session? There are actually MANY perks! First of all, if you have a tight schedule, it’s a lot easier to snag a prime spot because you’re not in the middle of the fall and spring madness. A lot of people really love this. Dressing for winter sessions is also the BEST, and we have such a small window of time in Austin where we can do so! You can wear tights, sweaters, beanies, and other fun layers to really give your photos depth and texture. Of course we still get warm “spring like” days in winter, too, but they’re usually enough where we can get away with some layers! Winter is also a great time if you love the look of the beautiful barren trees in the background. Subjects really pop against them! Creeks are also an amazing choice for winter because the rocks with the browner trees look so beautiful together. Parents do admit, though, that the BEST part of winter sessions is the TIMING! Sunset is a lot earlier, which means that shooting doesn’t interfere with bedtime. If you have kids who can’t go off routine, a winter session is a great time to shoot so you can still achieve beautiful sunset vibes.

The Look of Winter: Earthier tones with brown, barren trees. Beautiful champagne colored grasses and lots of textured layers!

Spring Photoshoot in Austin, Texas

Ahh, the spring. Spring in Texas is admittedly my favorite because I am absolutely obsessed with wildflowers. They are so stunning and give your photos such a vibrant quality! Spring is prime wildflower season because the relentless heat of summer isn’t yet here, so they thrive in the milder temps. If you don’t love layering your clothing, spring is great because you can still wear lighter long sleeves or pants without being too hot, or you can go for sleeveless because temps are still mild enough. Spring is basically like fall in the sense that it can be tricky to snag a prime spot, so you’ll want to book early…especially if you need a weekend. The later shoot times of spring also mean keeping kids up past bedtime, sometimes significantly as we get into late spring. Don’t worry, though – I promise it’s worth it, and I have ALL the best tricks!

The look of Spring: Vibrant colors of wildflowers and the greens of grasses and trees

Summer Photoshoot in Austin, Texas

When you hear summer in Texas for a photoshoot, you might be put off initially, but I promise they’re magical. Believe it or not, summer sessions are a close second to my favorites after spring. Why? Because like spring, everything is so vibrant and alive! The grasses, the trees, flowing creeks…it is just serene and beautiful. There’s also something so incredible about a summer sunset. I swear they are the most intense and beautiful of the seasons. The cons to summer are that yes, it’s hot. It’s not as hot as you think it is, but yes…the heat is real! Late shoot times of summer also mean really late bedtimes. We often don’t start shooting until 7-730 depending on the time of year, but the great thing about summer is that we typically end sessions in the water. Because we’re having so much fun, kids typically don’t notice that they’re up late. 😉

The Look of Summer: The vibrant colors of spring with full, flowing creeks and the most intense golden sunsets. There are many options for creek or beach sessions, too!

Fall Photoshoot in Austin, Texas

Fall in Austin, Texas is the busiest time of year for photoshoots because people like to have sessions to send for their holiday cards. Fall is interesting in that it’s a little like spring, and a little like winter. At the beginning of fall, the landscape resembles spring, minus the wildflowers. Things aren’t quite as lush and green as the summer months, but there are still full, beautiful trees and the beginning of foliage that spans into winter. Fall is admittedly the toughest to snag a prime spot. Photographers book up pretty far in advance, and if you’re late to the game, many people are booked. Fall is definitely better for bedtimes than spring and summer, but shoot times will vary drastically from the beginning of fall to the end because of Daylight Savings Time. You also never really know what you’ll get weather wise with more summer/spring like heat or some early winter chills.

The Look of Fall: Muted greens that turn into golds and foliage. Still plenty of water flowing in creeks!


What do you think? When do you think is the best time to take family photos in Austin, Texas? Reach out to snag your session here. 

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