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Five Reasons to Have A Maternity Session | Austin Maternity Photographer

You just found out the big news — you’re expecting! Cue the confetti! Whether this is your first baby or your tenth, you might be wondering if you should book a maternity session with an Austin Maternity Photographer. Are they really worth it? What will you wear? What will you do with the photos? As both a mom of three and Austin photographer, I am here to tell you YES! Here are five reasons why you should have a maternity session.


Reasons to Have A Maternity Session

To Capture the Love Between Your Family.

Seems straightforward, right? But, really, think about it. Maternity sessions are an incredibly beautiful way for you to connect with your partner. After all, it was your partnership that created this new life, and that is so, so special. It’s also an amazing time to capture the siblings loving on their future brother or sister. The excitement, love, and anticipation that you feel surrounding your new family member is palpable in a maternity session.

Reasons to Have A Maternity Session

For Your Future Child.

My kids LOVE seeing pictures of themselves “inside Mom’s belly!” They think it’s the neatest concept in the world that they grew inside another person. These photos are a great way for you to share that magic with your kids, too.

Reasons to Have A Maternity Session

For Yourself.

Pregnancy can be tough, and every pregnant person has a different experience. Pregnancy can also be beautiful and is often a time when women report feeling gorgeous. Think of your session like a free day off. Treat yourself to a massage, get your hair and nails done, and really get excited. These images are also for YOU to reflect back on to see what an amazing goddess you were during pregnancy! You will be shocked at how beautiful you feel. I promise.

Reasons to Have A Maternity Session

It’s Truly A Once in A Lifetime Event.

Regardless of how many times you become pregnant, you are only pregnant with THIS baby ONCE. A maternity session is such an incredible way to freeze time and remember your sweet baby. Plus it’s a great chance to explore another stunning Austin location!

You Can Have Fun With It.

Maternity sessions are one of the most fun ways to get artsy and try something new. Bare bump? Boho vibe? Whimsical? The possibilities are endless, and it’s such a great way to channel your vision and get creative with your Austin Maternity Photographer!


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